Methane madness

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Worrying ourselves about reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and saying we can save the world by going hell for leather for onshore wind turbines gets even more ­futile in the face of reported methane outpourings associated with ­undersea earthquakes (your ­report, 29 July).

Furthermore, recent assessments of apparent current slow global warming seem to some to suggest that the sea is continuing to soak up heat, but at lower depths. This is scary – it is possible that deep permafrost methane may then be starting to be released, leading to a quick resumption of atmospheric heating at a faster rate than before.

Fossil fuel power stations continue to be built worldwide, never mind the carbon dioxide: reliable 24-hour electricity is still in short supply in so many places.

So effective carbon capture and storage has to be pushed ahead now for all such generators to cope with the extra global warming linked to their emissions. Extra methane is the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Joe Darby