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Your report (19 November), that Donald Trump is to press ahead with his plans to build a second golf course at Menie,
raises some interesting questions. Mr Trump has suggested that the reason he is going ahead is that the offshore wind farm is now dead in the water.

This is interesting, as I thought objections from the Ministry of 
Defence (MoD) had been resolved. Does Mr Trump have a “mole” in the MoD, local government or Scottish Government which allows him to make such a statement? Nothing would 
surprise me.

However, all this could be just a bluff to deflect attention away from the fact that his popularity in the north-east and the rest of Scotland is now in sharp decline.

Perhaps, of course, the reason is far more simple. The Scottish Government has once again 
decided to back down in its 
dealings with Mr Trump.

RT Smith

Braeside Terrace