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I refer to Alex Orr’s letter (19 August). As is usual when anyone makes any criticism of the SNP they are told to keep their opinions to themselves.

Andrew Marr was speaking as a private individual at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, was not representing the BBC, and was therefore perfectly entitled to express his views.

I have no doubt he would have been roundly applauded by Mr Orr had he spoken in favour of the SNP.

Far from losing “touch with his homeland” as Mr Orr puts it, I feel sure that time working in England will have given Mr Marr a greater insight to the overall scheme of things in the UK.

I would suggest to Mr Orr that a spell down south might widen his own horizons.

Mr Marr was quite correct to say there is an entrenched anti- Englishness in the SNP.

Witness the letter from a North Lanarkshire councillor complaining about English accents on the automated tills at supermarkets and Christine Grahame SNP expressing her sadness that John Lewis stocked Queen’s Jubilee celebration memorabilia.

Donald Lewis


East Lothian