March of 
mobiles spells end of landline telephone

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I certainly use my landline
and hope to do so for many 
years yet.

- Alasdair1943

I resent paying line rental
when it was installed in 1964 and never replaced or upgraded. I must have paid for it ten times over.

- Try Again

After buying a new computer
I downloaded 56 gigabytes of BBC podcasts onto it. There was no charge beyond the monthly broadband and line rental charge. I shudder to think what it would cost on a mobile connection.

- RationalRose

Of course, the “landline-free”
broadband is currently only 
available in central London, 
and costs about the same as I currently pay for broadband and line rental. And radio transmissions can be intercepted easily. How long will it take hackers to get a user’s bank details, etc? (I know they can do it currently, but it takes some work – why bother when all they have to do is wait for someone to broadcast the information?)

- DerekH

I wait for the day when I
can stop paying for this silly line rental. Mobile wireless networks are the future for us all.

- 55 is greater than 45

I frequently ignore calls (I
use caller display). The phone is there for my benefit, not for unsolicited sales calls. I have no intention of getting rid of the landline. It is used for (slowish) broadband as well as phone calls, and the mobile signal here is poor to non-existent.

- Ben Cleuch

The humble landline will 
make a comeback when people realise how bad cell phones are for their health.

- Harvey Mushman

Watching a US television
programme the other day I was more than a little surprised to see listed among four “great American inventions” – telephone and television.

- Saltire