Make use of CCTV

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The authorities claim the CCTV camera is an essential tool in combating crime (your report, 8 April). Maybe so, and there are surely too many for comfort, but if they exist the public would be less weary of them if they were used better.

The horrible littering which blights our country would quickly be reduced if CCTV ­evidence was used – and I understand the technology can read a numberplate at half a mile – to punish those who chuck their litter from cars and, in built-up areas, on the streets.

You also reported that ­Chinese takeaway food is now more popular than fish and chips. The polystyrene boxes this comes in are a highly visible part of the problem.

I was horrified to see the state of the A90 recently – the ­approach to our national capital, and thousands of other verges and pavements, are an utter ­disgrace.

This government would do well to stop flapping its hands and muttering vaguely about “increasing fines” and start ­fining offenders.

Some well-publicised, hefty penalties – not least upon local authorities that fail to clean up – will signal that most of us detest this behaviour and it must be stamped out.

David Roche

Alder Grove