Lighting up time

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David Coulthard’s initiative to reduce accidents on minor roads (your report, 4 March) is very welcome, but I have heard no mention of using dipped headlights in daylight.

Not even the police seem to understand the crucial importance of being seen, and seeing another vehicle, a split second sooner on winding, often tree-shaded, country roads. Likewise, cyclists – many of whom seem to have a death wish – should wear high-visibility colours and display bright lights.

Both of these requirements are just as important – probably more so – in built-up areas.

The number of drivers apparently under the impression that they need not “light up” until the street lamps come on (or, worse, because it gives them a false sense of security, that sidelights, most of which are quite inadequate, are all that is needed) is horrifying.

Again, I have never heard of the police warning anyone about this dangerous behaviour.

Legislation is needed.

If the Scottish Government can lower the drink-drive limit it can surely introduce further life-saving measures.

David Roche

Alder Grove