Letters: Party from unions could overtake Labour at polls

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Those exulting in the marital spat between the trade unions and the Labour Party should think on this. The Labour Party evolved to be the voice of the workers (the people who actually do the work) in Parliament when it was found that a trade union alone could not prevent private owners from the means of production, and their investors, from exploiting their employees.

They used their dominance of parliament to order the army out to drive striking workers back to work.

Despite what David Cameron thinks, the majority of employed adults in the UK are still “workers”, most of whom belong to trade unions, and still need protecting from exploitative employers and investors.

If the Labour Party no longer fulfils this function the unions will have to form their own political party, which will be, by definition, far larger and wealthier than the Labour Party – and which will, most likely within an election, supplant Labour and the Liberals as the effective opposition to the Tories.

It will also be far to the left of either, and will sooner or later come to power.

As hypocritical as it might read coming from an atheist, I pray to God I live to see that day, and the smiles wiped from the faces of those currently laughing.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Scots will suffer from Tories’ EU obsession

The Tories EU exit obsession, most recently exemplified by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is risking the safety of Scots.

She has now said that the UK Government wants to remain signed up to the European Arrest Warrant, after previously saying it was looking to leave, creating a period of uncertainty and instability.

The decision to opt out of EU arrest warrants would have risked losing measures which ensure that people accused of crimes such as murder and rape are brought to justice quickly and efficiently, and risked losing measures which support the sharing of information between police forces.

Ms May also said the UK would opt out of all 133 EU law and order measures in the Lisbon Treaty and seek to rejoin 35 of them “in the national interest”. It is however not clear if the UK Government will in fact be able to opt back into these measures as this will depend on the European Commission and other Member States.

It is EU-obsessed Tory backbenchers who are now firmly in control of the Conservative Party and while the Tories play their pathetic games over Europe, it is Scots who will suffer the consequences.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

Eck’s antics will lose him votes at ballot

WHAT a fantastic achievement from Andy Murray to take the Wimbledon men’s singles title.

I watched this thrilling match on TV but was astounded to see that Alex Salmond felt it necessary to make a political point by jumping up and down waving the Scottish Saltire in pursuit of an ever decreasing “Yes” vote.

His childish and unwelcome antics have lost him even more votes.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

What’s the fuss about a game of tennis?

THE over-the-top mass hysteria from Wimbledon beggars belief. You would think Andy Murray had done something wonderful for humanity, for example, found a cure for the “big C”.

All sportsmen and women only achieve self-glory and an obscene bank account. The “blinded” spectators go home with nothing.

I wish people would get their priorities right, it’s only a game.

Sylvia De Luca, Baberton Park, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Call them patients, not customers please

THOSE who manage our NHS want to refer to those in need of medical or surgical treatment to be referred to as customers rather than patients (News, July 2).

So people who are afflicted by problems such as ageing, mental health, mental handicaps and physical or sensory disablities are to become customers.

Being a customer is a general reference to being a patient, and renders that word meaningless as far as patient care is concerned.

A customer is someone who goes to buy something. A patient is someone who requires surgical or medical treatment.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marischal Road, Edinburgh

Council’s cutbacks have been harmful

I READ with some interest the piece by Cllr John McMillan of East Lothian Council advising how much my home town of Musselburgh is benefiting from the Labour/Tory administration (News, July 8).

Sadly his recollection of the facts is a stranger to the truth!

Since coming to office he and his Tory friends have slashed the £1 million regeneration fund put in place by the SNP for the town, cut funding to the Brunton Theatre and cancelled a £10m care home and day centre for Musselburgh that would have delivered dozens of jobs in the centre of town.

In the High Street of Dunbar he prefers a car park to a £3m housing project that would have employed and housed folk too.

The judgement to be made is what his bizarre administration has done, not what they say. As a proud Musselburgh SNP councillor I have witnessed the tragedy of Labour/Tory cuts in our town.

Cllr Stuart Currie , SNP

Musselburgh East and Carberry Ward