Letter: Zoo outrage

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I wonder how many other people have been as disappointed as I am that Edinburgh Zoo has recently made a sponsorship deal with Lynx, a product owned by Unilever which states on its website: “The vast majority of our products reach consumers without testing any of their ingredients on animals.”

Please note the wording here – “the vast majority”– this means that some of its products are therefore still tested on animals.

There is simply no need to test deodorants or cosmetics on animals – plenty of companies don’t. Marks & Spencer, Superdrug and the Cooperative are three examples of large companies that now proudly display anti-vivisection group BUAV’s leaping bunny symbol on its products.

It seems a disparity that a respected organisation like the zoo, known for its high animal welfare standards, has allied itself with a company which is still causing needless suffering to animals. I have contacted the zoo about this and received a positive reply from its chief executive, Mr Hugh Roberts, suggesting that: “If you know of other sympathetic organisations who would be willing to sponsor the society and so allow us to do all that we want to do, I should be happy to have discussions.”

I have suggested to him some companies that take a more ethical stance on animal testing but perhaps one of your readers may also have some suggestions for his marketing department to follow up.

Ann Yourston

Kirkhill Road


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