Letter: Out of touch view on hunting

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I DON’T know if Tom Parker is still secretary of the Scottish Working Dog Association but he seems a bit out of touch with reality on hunting with hounds in Scotland.

In his letter “Plenty resources given to wildlife” (Debate, 15 January), he suggests that large sums of public money are being wasted on policing wildlife crime. This is not the case. I doubt if any fox hunt in Scotland has as much as seen a police officer since the hunt saboteurs stopped attending hunts after it was made a criminal offence to encourage dogs to kill foxes.

I’ll leave it to the Scottish SPCA to react to their being likened to the Ku Klux Klan by Mr Parker but he is very wrong to suggest that I want the Scottish SPCA to be more involved in prosecuting wildlife crime. Charity money should not be used to enforce the law. That duty falls to the police, whether the crime be committed in an inner city bank or on the bank of a Highland river.

John F Robins, Animal Concern, Dumbarton