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I WAS annoyed to read that yet another of the nation’s favourite foods is being associated with increasing the risk of cancer, in this case according to Carol McManus (Letters, 29 May) “there is now evidence” that the humble sausage “greatly increases the risk of bowel cancer”. I would like to see this “evidence”.

Ms McManus poses the question “Is it not time to ask why” government grants are given to promote the meat industry and to help set up sausage-making enterprises.

I think I can tell her why: it is because the sausage is an extremely popular and tasty food which, like everything else taken in moderation, will do no harm whatsoever.

To quote the late, great Jimmy Logan and one of his famous catchphrases, “Sausages is the Boys!”

Please may we be left to enjoy what few pleasures we still have, including a good old fry-up, which just wouldn’t be the same without sausages.

David M Steel

South Queensferry, Edinburgh