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It was great to read Ross Martin’s input on educational change (Perspective, 5 April).

His working group looking at the schools review will no doubt come up with some interesting findings which will help at this crucial time for education, the economy and society as a whole.

History educators had a very successful conference in Edinburgh last November which brought together universities, colleges and schools in meaningful discussion around learning and teaching.

This sort of discussion needs to happen in every curriculum area on a regular basis if we are to achieve the best outcomes for individuals and the country.

Mr Martin’s commendation of the Wester Hailes Education Centre model is timely and welcome. It is the sort of education many of the advocates of enterprise education championed during the Determined to Succeed initiative.

That policy lasted for two governments but has now been “embedded”.

We must be careful that “embedding” educational change does not simply mean moving on to the next initiative or project.

Ross Martin alludes to this and highlights that there is still an issue for young people to get on to the right pathways to success.

Perhaps a review of enterprise education and a fresh drive in this area is required at a national level.

What better way to invest in our most precious resource – young people and those who educate them?

Neil McLennan

Scottish Association of Teachers of History

Enterprise Practitioners’ Association