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Further to Alex Orr’s criticism of Michael Moore’s dismissal of Bank of England assistance to an independent Scotland (Letters, 20 December), Moore’s bizarrely hostile attitude towards his area of responsibility is not the worst feature of his service.

The post of Secretary of State had direct relevance before 
devolution of government to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but maintaining the post merely reinforces the 
notion of colonial control by Westminster.

This has formal roots in the fact that there has never been a similar office for England. Instead, they have the Home Office, a title rich in emotive overtone and, of course, indicative of superiority to, and authority over, the three others: England equals UK.

In the present days of seemingly endless austerity it would make economic sense to dispose of such redundant administration.

In bygone days of “basso profundo” Willie Ross, the Scottish secretary, promoted Scotland’s interests at Westminster; Moore clearly sees his role as being to preserve London’s influence over us.

If any such a post is necessary, it should be operated by a member from each of the devolved governments, and should be a low-key affair – and England should have its own counterpart.

Incidentally, the Bank of England was nationalised; shouldn’t it be Bank of UK?

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road