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I am writing in support of 
the highly pertinent letter 
from Celia Hobbs (24 November) in which she challenges
the efficacy of environmental bodies which have a remit 
to protect Scotland’s environment.

Both Scottish National Heritage and Historic Scotland 
surely have a duty, as their names imply, to protect our 
heritage and history, including the environment.

However, they are often 
derelict in fulfilling this responsibility when it comes to wind developers and landowners, solely driven by financial 
gain, who are hell-bent on 
destroying our landscape environment with their rapidly increasing numbers of planning applications for onshore wind turbines.

Could this be due to the fact that both of these quangos are largely dependent on government funding?

This simply cannot be right – they must be fully independent of government and free to challenge decisions and policies which have a negative impact on our environment.

As for the other charity Ms Hobbs cites, namely the RSPB, I believe that it too has lost its 
way in its support of bird-killing turbines.

Like Ms Hobbs, I have cancelled my direct debit in its 

In my opinion, the only truly independent charity which takes our environment seriously and without bias is the John Muir Trust, which deserves the support of anyone who 
really cares for Scotland’s environment.

(Dr) GM Lindsay

Whinfield Gardens