Lacklustre airport

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Chris Ruane (Letters, 15 April) is correct: Edinburgh Airport is an embarrassment in several ways, in particular the pitiful signage on the approach and exit roads.

Tiny, unilluminated “finger” signs are not even worthy of a rural landing strip let alone the international airport serving a European capital city.

The approach roads themselves, one needs hardly add, are potholed and substandard. As for the aim of becoming “the best airport in the world” – an aspiration I’ve just, incredulously, heard on TV – this is surely a joke.

In Scotland, in general, major road junctions are unlit and scary. The instinct of Scottish politicians to claim this or that is “world class” is surely silly and should be suppressed.

We have fantastic scenery and amazing history. The rest needs a) independence and b) hard work.

David Roche

Alder Grove