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ANDREW HN Gray’s defence of the Great Brit pro-BBC status quo (Letters, 1 November) should not go unchallenged.

This week, I wanted to find out how Scotland’s women footballers had fared in their World Cup qualifier in Poland on Thursday and resorted to BBC teletext.There I found only “Turkey 0 England 4” and some comment about that match. Not a cheep about Scotland’s match.

Yet, in current Fifa ranking Poland are placed 30 and Turkey 65, and guess what? I heard (somehow) that Scotland won.

So who merited more mention? Or indeed, if the first “B” in BBC is meant to be for “British”, then who does that organisation, paid for by all in Britain, including residents of Scotland, acknowledge as British? And England ranked 11 were surely expected to beat Turkey, whereas Scotland, ranked 20 were ­engaged in what would have been seen as a tighter encounter playing against Poland.

The impression always left by exposure to the BBC is that England is hugely more news­worthy than Scotland. This teletext example is just more ­evidence of it.

PS: Scotland won 4-0.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire