Labour’s problem

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I find myself (rather surprisingly) agreeing with much of what Scott Arthur says about the Labour Party (Letters, 25 May), with one caveat.

Dr Arthur lists a number of laudable aims which he says are at the core of Labour’s values, such social justice, tackling poverty, creating opportunity and “releasing people from the tyranny of poverty, prejudice and the abuse of power” – Alistair Carmichael please note.

My concern is that, as admirable as these sentiments are, how were the Labour Party going to deliver them signed up to £30 billion of cuts including £12bn taken from the poorest in the country in welfare cuts?

Fine words indeed, and they made me positively wistful for the days when I voted Labour.

These days are long gone and if Dr Arthur is not careful he will have people writing to this newspaper accusing him of being a socialist. And finally, I hope I don’t get into terrible trouble by saying that the place for the Labour Party to rediscover its soul, purpose and role is in an independent Scotland.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street