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In his latest article (25 October) Brian Wilson speaks with positive glee about the fall in the value of oil, describing it as a 
£5 billion hole in an SNP 
budget – which the realists among us know is a scenario the Westminster government will fight tooth and nail to prevent.

Last week Mr Wilson’s article was also about oil (18 October). In it, he twice said that the 
SNP’s budget for an independent Scotland was entirely based on oil.

In Mr Wilson’s version of the “proud Scot”, we have no whisky, agriculture, fishing, water, technology, renewables, research, financial service or any other kind of industry or service to contribute to our economy.

Mr Wilson shows commendable loyalty to the Labour party. This loyalty extends to Fiscal Affairs Scotland, an organisation with strong links to the Labour party, but it does not extend to Henry McLeish.

In Mr Wilson’s world, Henry McLeish’s criticism of the 
Labour Party is motivated by 
the fact that he holds a position with Glasgow Colleges, which 
Mr Wilson describes as SNP 

At best, this is spiteful and nasty.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street