Labour in limbo

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Ed Miliband’s words on The Andrew Marr Show highlighted once more just how out of 
touch Labour is with the Scottish electorate.

He and his party don’t seem to understand (although I suspect they’re about to find out) that Labour voters like myself didn’t merely vote Yes because we’re sick of the Tories, it’s because we’re sick of Labour too.

In my eyes the Labour and Conservative parties are now
interchangeable. There is no difference – in policies, in approach, in rhetoric – and as we have just seen, most unforgivably, in being prepared to do and say anything to prop up a discredited, dysfunctional Westminster machine.

I’m no hardline activist or 
nationalist, just an ordinary bloke with an ordinary job.

I’ve voted Labour all my life but have reached the point now where I will never do so again, betrayed over a number of years but most of all over the past few weeks, where the actions of a party I once felt proud to vote for have disgusted me.

Gordon Brown in particular should hang his head in shame.

Miliband says Labour is now going to “reach out” to people like me. Well, good for him! He should save himself the bother though. It’s already way too late.

John McGlynn

Currievale Drive


I voted Yes and, had Yes won the day, I would therefore have had to take some responsibility for Scotland’s fate thereafter.

By the same token, those who campaigned for and voted No must take their share of responsibility for where we now find ourselves.

Overnight on Thursday, power over Scotland was transferred from its own people to a Tory Prime Minister standing on the steps of Downing Street, 
telling us what he was going to do to Scotland next.

In particular the Labour Party in Scotland must face up to its part in this process. It stood shoulder to shoulder with big business, the Conservative Party and the right-wing press in frightening the life out of ordinary people who wanted social justice for Scotland.

As a former Labour campaigner, I have no idea what the 
Labour Party is any more.

C Hegarty

Glenorchy Road

North Berwick