Kelly lacks faith

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I’ve just read another article warning us about the commercial dangers of independence (Michael Kelly, Perspective, 29 November).

It is hard to express in polite language how much this columnist sets my teeth on edge and my blood boiling.

Let me say that for a large part of my adult life I voted Labour, until the acquiescent subservience of the Scottish party to Westminster sickened me, all as personified by Scotsman contributors like Kelly and Brian Wilson.

Personally, I don’t think even a small proportion of their naysaying scaremongering will ever come to pass, but so what if some of it did?

Would it not be better to live in a country which had control of itself and a culture which, at its core, worked to include all, even if it cost some of us a bit more to provide?

Dare I say it, something more akin to the socialist ideals of my youth.

Apparently, that possibility is lost on Kelly, but what comes across from his writings, apart from his dogged adherence to his party line, is his lack of courage and faith in the ability of the folk living and working here to make this country a nation effectively living a culture closer to his own espoused ideals.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street