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It seems to me absolutely logical what Fraserburgh councillor Ian Tait avers (Letters, 27 May) about the mistake in moving the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) to a relative periphery of the town from its hitherto town-centre location.

The problem of town-centre regeneration is challenging at best and has defied many proposed solutions.

The onset of urban peripheral free car-parking supermarkets and escalating online shopping are two principal obstacles to this regeneration.

But to pluck out a visitor information centre from the centre of a town is almost like saying: “That’s it, the game’s lost, we’re finished.”

Such a move doesn’t inspire any confidence.

May I also add the opinion that VICs should not be located within the very tourist attraction to which they are meant to refer visitors.

This is self-defeating. It is also like saying that the attraction where the VIC is sited is the main attraction, and can risk eclipsing other attractions in the same local area.

A rethink about this sort of ­location shift is urgent.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive