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Yet again your letters pages 
reveal that Scottish citizens are 
assuming a leading role in the 
independence debate.

After the referendum result is declared the various power blocks in our society may discover to their horror that they have lost much of their authority to the people and that the result of the referendum may not be our final word. We shall indeed be holding to account either the SNP, if its constant assertions prove to be as groundless as many suspect, or the unionist parties if they fail to deliver on their promises of more devolution.

In other words, the referendum may be only the first step on a longer journey towards a final constitutional settlement than YeSNP in particular appreciates.

It is assumed that a Yes outcome will bind us irreversibly to an independent Scotland but the community of citizens may decide otherwise should it come to light that an SNP victory has been attained by means of a campaign of misrepresentation.

We may have to insist that this is no foundation on which to build a new Scotland.

This would be the exercise of sovereignty of the people, a concept which is shamefully paid no more than lip service in the white paper, Scotland’s Future. Let us demonstrate that we, the people, are developing an understanding of its full significance even if the political establishment is not.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive