Junk culture

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Having made my way across Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh over the past few days, on more than one occasion, I noticed that a lot of people use the area to sit and chat, sunbathe and enjoy a cold drink or three while they are about it.

Am I alone in thinking, 
however, that if people wish to eat, drink and be merry in a 
public place like the open 
spaces in this beautiful city, they should exercise some mature, adult responsibility for their 

The amount of rubbish, empty cans and plastic bottles, sweet wrappers and assorted junk that these people leave 
behind them is appalling.

If they cannot be persuaded to behave like mature adults 
and tidy up behind them, the City of Edinburgh Council should have wardens to 
administer on-the-spot fines, or otherwise, people should have to pay to use the parks to cover the cost of tidying up behind them.

They are an embarrassment to Edinburgh.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive