Journey’s end

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In his damming report (17 July) Sir Bruce Keogh has declared that the 14 hospitals with the highest mortality rates in the country were “trapped in mediocrity” 
and ignored concerns raised by patients and staff.

He has said he believes many other hospitals could have 
similar – but as yet unidentified – problems. Sadly, I am positive that is the case.

I spoke out when my late 
father endured “less than perfect” care while in two hospitals for around 19 weeks before he passed away, as I had regrettably accumulated a massive catalogue of issues and concerns related to failings in his care.

If we don’t want other patients to suffer, I strongly believe we all have a duty to speak out when we or a loved one experience an 
unacceptable “patient journey”.

From now on, the NHS, and indeed private hospitals, must no longer ignore patient and staff concerns.

Judi Martin