Jam tomorrow

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What with the rise in opinion poll ratings of the Nationalists post the referendum it’s a great time for political psephologists to overindulge in speculation.

Of course Nationalists have a simplistic message. In a recent leaflet fronted by Scotland’s First Minister, she’s quoted as follows: “The SNP will play a constructive role at Westminster and bring ideas forward in a positive spirit.” Plus: “We offer a real alternative to the drab Tory-Labour cuts consensus in Westminster.”

Nobody can argue about the sentiment but what if they don’t really add up to much in economic policy or strategy terms. the Institute of Fiscal Studies report that “Their stated plans do not necessarily match their anti-austerity rhetoric.” So just like in September we’re once again being offered “jam tomorrow”. But who really cares enough?

Galen Milne

Ochiltree, Dunblane