It’s low, it’s no

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It was very interesting to see that the mock independence referendum vote, held on Thursday at Glasgow University, using the same question as that to be used in the 2014 referendum, gave a clear indication that the vast majority of those who voted – admittedly only 13 per cent 
of the campus – were against splitting up the UK (your report, 22 February).

It is hardly reassuring news for the SNP, which had previously sent Nicola Sturgeon on a proselytising mission to the 

However, in typically bullish fashion Blair Jenkins, who heads the Yes campaign, assures us that it was due to a low turnout and that besides, many people have not yet made up their minds.

This result seems to indicate that the country simply does not buy the Yes campaign’s version of independence and that its idea of using the young to force through its wishes may not have been the good idea it first thought.

Brian Allan

Keith Street