It’s an ill wind

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It is increasingly clear that the situation regarding wind farms has got out of control.

Any management process requires accurate data and this is either out of date or unavailable for the onshore wind developments in Scotland.

Our theoretical protectors of the environment, Scottish National Heritage, are well overdue to produce their wind farm map update, claiming that the Scottish Government should confirm a publishing date.

Meanwhile the Scottish Government’s own renewable energy routemap is likewise overdue. Perhaps having this data in the public domain might be an inconvenience prior to the 2015 election.

We have recently learned that around the Loch Ness area, a national treasure by any measure, there are more than 500 turbines built, approved or waiting approval within a 22 mile radius.

The Scottish Government’s actions would be laudable if they were the result of managed processes which was the will of most Scottish people, and could be demonstrated to reduce our carbon footprint while being sustainable and improving people’s lives.

I think we have a “fail” result on all of these criteria.

I encourage your readers to make sure that our elected representatives understand that most Scots believe there is a place for all forms of renewable energy but we need balance and sensitivity to what we value.

Keep turbines out of wild areas so we can enjoy Scotland as it should be.

If people think the landscape is bad now, be assured it will get much worse. Our councillors, government and advisers owe it to us to say how much worse.

Peter E Smith

By Beauly