It’s a disgrace

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For several days now you have been addressing me through The Scotsman’s columns to encourage me to become a “Friend of The Scotsman”. I might, in the past, have been tempted to sign up as a “Friend’’ but the recent decline in The Scotsman’s standards, as a supposedly quality daily publication, has convinced me that this would be a mistake.

Under your leadership the paper that I once held in very high regard has sunk to the level of a red-top rag, both in its journalistic quality and its standard of English grammar.

One of last week’s issues took the biscuit. A banner headline (13 July) proclaimed that “The heat goes on, but Scotland keeps it’s cool’’!

I seem to remember my class teacher in primary 7 at Longstone School explaining that “it” as a possessive pronoun never has an apostrophe. My classmates would never have made the 
mistake that you made.

Perhaps you do not care that the paper regularly carries such elementary errors – or perhaps even you are unaware of the 
difference between ‘“its” and “it’s” – but I can assure you that your readers do and this is certainly one of the reasons that they 
appear to be taking their newspaper custom elsewhere.

Bill Rennie