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Martin Stern (Letters, 30 June) criticises Dr Munjed Farid’s quite reasonable letter suggesting that he is too critical of Israelis, when compared with Muslim extremists, “as if killing civilians had been deliberate Israeli policy”.

However civilised Israel may now be – and I do not wholly reject that, despite the forced acquisition of land owned by Palestinians, which continues to this day – he should not forget how it came into being and Israeli extremists’ own terror tactics against the British. Israeli terrorists murdered a British government minister in 1944, even as the British and Americans were fighting a war to free all of Europe, including Jews being hideously murdered in dozens of death camps throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.

Zionist terrorists also killed 91 people indiscriminately in their bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, when Britain was administering Palestine, before Jews who had settled in Palestine created Israel after Britain relinquished its mandate in 1948, taking the land from its existing occupants. Propaganda can work two ways and Mr Stern should remember that Israel’s own record is hardly unblemished.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive