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Richard Lucas’s plea “for a frank and open discussion” of the Koran (Letters, 27 May) says much for his clear-eyed view of the need for the rational approach to life as it does for what is a courageous editorial choice in this incendiary issue: Islam.

While politicians unctuously orate on “the betrayal of Islam and the Muslim communities who give so much to our country”, the cardinal need for us at this time is to examine the 
theocratic foundation of this religion, which binds more than 
a billion of the world’s population.

While it is questionable if one in 1,000 Britons consults the New Testament on a daily basis, it is dead certain that not more than one in 100,000 has the faintest idea what the 114 Suras of the Koran state to be the Word of Allah.

Until we have joined in “the open discussion” which your 
correspondent Mr Lucas properly recommends, then we are 
going nowhere in the understanding of what is the well-spring of Islam and the Muslim world.

Alastair Harper


by Dunfermline