Is dictatorship the only stable solution?

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Now that a truly revolutionary pause for thought prevails regarding the wisdom of bombing another Middle East dictator until he runs his country like a Western democracy, is it not possibly time for an even more revolutionary pause for thought?

Until someone invents a model where Islam and democracy are not seen as “either or” options is it not time for the Western mindset to grasp that a dictatorship of either one or the other philosophy is the only stable solution in any country where Islam is a major force?

True to form, of course, “The West” disapproves of what is happening in Egypt instead of recognising that the army’s attempt to bring stability is the only way forward under the prevailing circumstances.

Irvine Inglis



Britain and America say that Bashar al-Assad has crossed a so-called red line with his alleged use of chemical weapons. However, both the US and UK were pioneers of using both chemical and biological weapons.

In 1763, British general Jeffrey Amhurst used blankets infected with smallpox against native Americans.

In 1845, Britain used poisoned gas on Maori resisters in New Zealand. Chemical weapons were dropped on the Bolsheviks by the RAF during the Russian civil war.

America has used chemical weapons in Vietnam including Agent Orange and sarin. It also used white phosphorus during the obliteration of Fallujah in 2004.

It has further emerged that members of Assad’s forces received training in Britain from the government and that UK companies sold Assad his weapons components after the current war in Syria started.

The pro-war politicians seem genuinely disappointed that the vast majority don’t share their lust for conflict.

America may choose to go into another war but it is not in our national interest to be a loyal nodding dog as many in the political class would like.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace