Ironic advice

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It is intriguing to note the comments by both Lords Foulkes and Stephen that the Scottish Government could end up in court if it ignores the advice of the Electoral Commission on the independence referendum question (your report, 17 

There is, of course, more than a little irony in unelected 
peers lecturing the elected Scottish Parliament on what it should do.

The situation with regards to the Electoral Commission and its advice is the same as at Westminster, with the Scottish Government proposing, the commission advising and the Scottish Parliament deciding.

It is also more than a little hypocritical for the UK Government and the Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, to urge the Scottish Government to accept the advice of the Electoral Commission when his own government rejected the commission’s advice over council tax referendums in England.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace


The supporters of a Yes vote in the referendum are constantly subjected to crushing 
body blows to their campaign here in Scotland and also from Europe.

It would appear that the peoples of the Shetlands, Orkneys and the Western Isles have no wish to be ruled by a government based in Edinburgh as the SNP continues to pursue centralist policies, thus seeking to 
impose political control from Holyrood.

In Catalonia the wording of the resolution on independence is regularly diluted and it is positively significant that the word “independence” and the clause relating to a “new 
European state” have been withdrawn from the draft.

Not so long ago, First Minister Salmond was extolling the positive campaign pursued by the Catalans in favour of separation.

Once again, Mr Salmond finds it convenient to adopt a muted stance on major issues as his 
personal standing is subjected to further humiliation.

Raymond J McCabe

Monktonhall Place