Into the abyss

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PETER Jones (“Why Corbyn is far from unelectable”, Perspective, 28 July) in spite of being somewhat pessimistic, implies that there is no way to escape, by democratic means, from the current world order no matter how much such escape is necessary to sustain ­national and international ­stability.

Are we not approaching the point which humanity has reached again and again throughout its history? The rich and powerful don’t listen, even if it were in their interests to do so. 

Mr Jones is, however, right in pointing out that what are unthinkingly dismissed as “hard left policies” are far from being so. Our political “leadership”, in its confusion and incompetence, is doing no more than leading us towards the edge of an abyss. It seems totally unable to look into the future having learned the appropriate lessons from the past.

Even the SNP, unable to escape its obsession with independence for its own sake, is failing to develop a coherent strategy for a social democratic future in the face of global forces devised and implemented by the market fundamentalists. 

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive

Uddingston, Lanarkshire