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THE murder of five-year-old April Jones by paedophile Mark Bridger surely merits society to look again at the control of ­internet pornography.

Bridger was obsessed with images of child sex abuse, storing such horrors on his laptop.

Politicians and governments worldwide must unite to eradicate this filfth from the internet, which many would argue fuels the deranged fantasies of vile ­individuals such as Bridger.

Prime Minister David Cameron, like many politicians, is proud to claim he is a family man. Now for the sake of all families, including the bereaved parents of April Jones, our political representatives must act with some sense of urgency and common purpose.

John Connor

Dunfermline, Fife

So, Mark Bridger receives a whole life sentence and goes into permanent isolation in jail for his own protection with the knowledge of what happened to April Jones known only to him. In many ways, he resembles the odious Ian Brady, who in May1966, was jailed, along with his evil girlfriend Myra Hindley, for the Moors Murders.

Unfortunately we, the taxpayers, will be made to fund his imprisonment and can only hope that no do-gooding campaigners emerge to plead his case at some time in the future. Surely what happened to April Jones must propel the need for a rethink on capital punishment back to the fore? Until then, we can only hope that Bridger’s lengthy imprisonment is a salutary lesson in how to deal with paedophile murderers.

Brian Allan


Alloa, Clackmannanshire