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Andrew HN Gray’s idea (Letters, 3 May) of making a positive case for the Union would seem to be to heap insults on countries around the world who have achieved their independence, and are rightly proud of the fact.

And is Mr Gray really arguing that it would be better if the Soviet Union was still in existence and intact? It is significant that 51 countries became independent from the UK in the 20th 
century: none of them appear to be clamouring for a return to British rule.

Ruth Marr


Your letters pages over the past few days present the perfect example of what those who would prefer the UK to remain intact face. Alex Gallagher and Andrew Gray made their points regarding the referendum (Letters, 29 April).

There was no personal aspect to their arguments at all, they stated their opinions and in a free society that is their absolute right.

In reply we get the now all too familiar chorus from the Nationalist orchestra (Letters, 30 April). Basically, these were attacks on the characters of Messrs Gray and Gallagher.

This is a now all too common Nationalist reaction to criticism. Do not argue the points being made, have a go instead at the people having the audacity to make them.

These reactions seem to be a trickle-down from First 
Minster’s Questions, where for years, instead of answering the questions asked, the First Minister has made personal, 
vicious attacks on the questioner. It is a worrying trend in modern Scottish politics, reminiscent of the worst nationalist regimes overseas, and now seems standard for the SNP.

Instead of adopting the ‘’anti-Scottish’’ line against those who would dare disagree, why do those wishing to break up the UK and separate Scotland instead learn to answer the points being raised and play the ball, not the man.

Alexander McKay