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On THE day that a new royal baby has arrived into a wealthy family, his future comfort secure, you report efforts made by the charity Shelter to raise more desperately needed funds for the homeless (23 July). It is heartening to know that many less privileged people are working hard to try and help their fellows in more desperate circumstances.

Your readers may be interested to hear that one individual has been voluntarily struggling and suffering since February to raise awareness of the homeless by wild camping around Scotland. He has recorded his exploits on Facebook in a series of inspiring articles. Wayne Hall and his dog Jerry have endured and suffered many unexpected hardships, not the least being ill health when stranded on an ice-bound island, gales which broke his tent, and attacks from the notorious midge in their six-month trek to try and raise £10,000 for Shelter Scotland. I met him on Sunday; he has lost three stone since February and is on the final leg of his journey, determined to finish this project.

I hope he does achieve his objective in making many more of us aware of just how easy it is for the less privileged – any of us – to become a victim of circumstances, while at the same time showing what a truly wonderful part of the world we live in. 

Jenny Main

Market Drive

Elgin, Moray

Fifty odd years ago, when I used to take an interest in that kind of thing, I obtained a 32-page photocopy of the 1707 An Act for an Union of the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland.

No doubt Steuart Campbell has a source for his assertion that “regnal numbers start afresh” at that time. But I well remember my bitter disappointment all those years ago on reading the 1707 act and discovering that the English series of numbers would continue.

Irvine Inglis