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I would like to thank Professor Louise Richardson, principal of St Andrews University, for taking the time to respond to my concern that the current First Minister of Scotland was not mentioned in the Opening Ceremony for the university (Letters, 20 September).

It is also pleasing to see that St Andrews has been named the best university in Scotland and fourth in the UK in the Good University Guide, just after the institution celebrated its 600th anniversary.

My point was not intended as a political one but was simply to reinforce the fact that it was odd that the current First Minister was not mentioned, despite the argument being that this was restricted to “historical figures”.

For example, I wonder if mention of the likes of David Cameron as Prime Minister was omitted from such an event at Brasenose College, Oxford?

The university should not dwell simply in focusing on those connected with it from the past, but also those with more recent connections as a means to inspire those graduates of the future.

Alex Orr