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Michael Fry (Perspective, 25 March) says we can make a completely fresh start by not allowing “the vices of the old Britain to corrupt the potential virtues of the new Scotland”. What does that mean? Why, for example, “potential virtues”? Scotland’s citizens are pretty good already.

I would instead refer him to the UK Prime Minister’s comment (same issue) that retirees can right now take £30,000 in cash from their pension savings (a tenth of a Lamborghini!) without noting that many folk struggle to save £3,000.

His repeated proposal to raise the inheritance tax threshold, saying that it should only be paid by the rich, falters as relatively few actually are assessed to have £325,000 at death.

He said that passing money down contributed to a stronger society – “People should not be hit by inheritance tax where they have worked hard and saved” – but it’s most certainly not their money any more.

Let’s look at how many of Scotland’s citizens can in principle leave enough for it to be levied, and ask Mr Fry to fit this into his new Scotland.

Joe Darby