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If there is an area in the UK that could benefit extremely from immigrant workers, it must be the Highlands.

Yet in the European elections, Ukip was the fifth most popular party there, after the obvious choices of the SNP, Liberal
Democrats, Tories and Labour.

This goes to show how
people’s concerns about immigration stem from the rhetoric of politicians and media
portrayal on the national level, and many don’t take the specifics of their location into account.

If we want to have a debate about immigration, maybe we should start paying attention to that and include the benefits of a migrant workforce, as well as discussing how to direct the
immigrants into areas that could use some hard-working young people.

Debbie Haire

Sanda Street


For a politician who is in favour of free trade and an open economy, I find it very difficult to
understand why David Cameron wants to put an arbitrary cap on the numbers of EU migrants that are coming across to the UK.

Surely this goes against the fundamental principles of a free market and labour.

Cameron said back in 2012 that free markets are the “best imaginable force for improving human wealth and happiness”.

Restricting the number of EU migrants into the UK is a contradiction on what was said before.

Lewis Baker

Elderslie Street