Illogical Joyce

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Joyce McMillan (Perspective, 3 May ) really must apply more logic to her points. She criticises the SNP for the council tax freeze, as it benefits the better off (presumably as they would pay more). Yet, earlier in the article, she is in favour of universal welfare – and who benefits from universal welfare, but the better off, as they don’t need it.

Means testing may be unpopular in some quarters, but it could mean more cash to those who genuinely need welfare.

William Ballantine

The Quarryknowes


Every year when I receive ­notice of my council tax costs I am re-assured that the biggest domestic bill I have to pay has stayed the same but despite this the water services and sewage ­element has rocketed to as much as 30 per cent of the council tax bill.

Freezing council tax is popular and goes down well with the electorate but the real cost of this policy has forced local councils strapped for cash to meet budgets and turned it into a nasty curtailment of services and cutbacks to the detriment of charities and the needy.

I would, therefore, rather pay a little more council tax than see any further cutbacks and increased costs of services provided by my local council.

Dennis Grattan 
Bucksburn, Aberdeen