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I agree with Dr CM Corser 
(Letters, 5 December) about the deserved Scot of the Year award to Michael Forbes and the failings of the Scottish Government and most local politicians exposed by the Trump saga.

However, Dr Corser is incorrect to say I was re-elected this year as an independent councillor. I was re-elected as a Scottish Green Party councillor.

Councillor Paul Johnston, also a Liberal Democrat in 2007 and whose stance on Trump was the same as mine, was re-elected in May as an independent.

I resigned from the Lib Dems because the Aberdeenshire Lib-Dem council group was behaving in ways directly contrary to the liberal, democratic and environmental principles I had promised to support when elected. I could not keep my election promises and stay in the Lib Dems. Councillor Johnston took the position recommended by Dr Corser and stayed in the Lib Dems to argue for liberal principles. He was expelled from the party, at the insistence of the Aberdeenshire Liberal Democrat council group, by a vote of the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ national executive.

I should also point out that, unlike other parties, the Scottish Green Party has consistently opposed the Trump scheme and spoken up for the rights of the residents at Menie.

(Cllr) Martin Ford

Aberdeenshire Council

Fintray, Aberdeenshire