Hyde revealed

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The Conservative Party conference has perhaps revealed more about its attitude to the referendum than intended.

First, its Scottish leader Ruth Davidson has assumed from the No vote that those who voted against independence were Tories, and that has given her a mandate to pursue her party’s policies in the coming talks.

Then there was Boris Johnson’s arrogant, hand-flicking dismissal of Alex Salmond, 
although he also insulted the leaders of the Labour and 
Liberal Democrat parties at the same time.

Finally, on Tuesday night’s Channel 4 News, David Cameron could only look shamefaced and offer no explanation, let alone apology, for an earlier statement, referring to Alex Salmond, that he had “bagged, stuffed and mounted (him) on my wall”.

Is this the party that hoisted the Saltire over Downing Street days before the referendum, having assured Scotland of its everlasting devotion to it?

Or is this not Mr Hyde revealing himself behind Dr Jekyll’s smile?

Lovina Roe

Glasgow Road