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News that the Confederation of British Industry and British Chambers of Commerce have called on the Westminster government to build up to 100,000 new affordable homes (your report, 11 March) is very welcome.

They cite the same reasons for a major house-building ­programme that Scotland’s housing sector has presented to the Scottish Government: investment in housing brings both ­social and economic benefits.

It brings hope of a home to those frozen out of the housing system and much-needed jobs to the construction industry.

So, isn’t it now time the Scottish Government finally sat up and took notice?

Scotland’s politicians are not powerless to act.

Instead of ­picking apart the housing safety net – with UK welfare cuts ­compounded by the Scottish Government’s 40 per cent cut to the house building budget – we need a major housing investment programme and a vibrant construction 
industry to deliver all types of homes.

The Scottish Government has made a commitment to build at least 6,000 affordable homes per year.

It must meet that target as a bare minimum – but it is nowhere near enough.

Shelter Scotland believes that we need at least 10,000 new social homes per year to end Scotland’s housing crisis for good.

Gordon MacRae

Shelter Scotland