Housing balance

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Many people in overcrowded housing have an agonising wait for suitable property to become available and many tenants who occupy social housing and have one or more rooms beyond their requirements may also have an “agonising wait” to see how the reforms will affect them. It is only fair, however, to give proper balance between those who cannot get housing and those who have extra rooms paid for from the public purse. Edinburgh figures suggest about one in five tenants – about 6,300 – are under-
occupying the premises paid for from the public purse.

Keith Anderson (Platform, 30 April), chooses to emphasise the interests of the latter group. His arguments tend to assume preference for the current system. But the current subsidy for over-occupancy is unfair and needs changed. There are many applicants for social housing who will welcome and benefit from better use of our current housing.

Cllr Cameron Rose

City Chambers