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I am much disturbed to read 
people suggesting that the House of Lords should be replaced by an elected House.

That would be a constitutional disaster.

If the Upper House were elected it would claim to represent the will of the electorate. That would lead to the type of Washington deadlock that has paralysed the US government.

The role of the Upper House is to assess the Commons’ legislation and to suggest revision when deemed desirable.

For that duty we need an 
independent chamber with members of experience and judgment, free from the influence of the political parties.

A fine example is Lord Rix, given a life peerage based on his long work with Mencap, the charity to help those either mentally or physically disabled.

He has no political connection – just much experience and a strong character.

We should consider an Upper House with representatives chosen from the professions, academics, industry, trade unions and other UK sectors.

David Hardie


East Lothian