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I wonder if the government is aware of the misery inflicted on the rural population of this country in regard to wind farms.

Imagine the torment of seeing your surroundings being vandalised with government support and all for such an inefficient technology.

What is almost as bad is having to come into contact with the developers. I have had to take our latest developer, Wind Prospect Developments Limited (30 per cent Wind Prospect, 70 per cent EDF) to the Advertising Standards Authority twice, successfully.

A predetermination hearing with Midlothian Council was arranged for Friday at 10am. At 4pm on Thursday the application was withdrawn. There were 67 representations in favour of the application and about 1,080 against.

Penicuik Environment Protection Association’s (PEPA) preparation for the meeting is for nothing. The developer says it will do more surveys and possibly reapply later in the year.

It says it is because of statutory consultees’ responses but those replies have been in for weeks. There is no one to protect us or the council, which has wasted precious resources setting up the meeting and reviewing the 

It is inexplicable that there was no wind monitoring mast erected for the year before the application as is usual practice.

During three wind farm fights within three miles, PEPA has been fighting for eight years to preserve the magnificent vista between the Pentland Hills 
Regional Park and the Moorfoot Hills and we cannot relax yet.

I feel like a child with feckless parents. Completely helpless.

Celia Hobbs 

Peebles Road 

Penicuik, Midlothian