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I read Dr Andrew Norman’s letter (12 May) with great sadness, as what he has written is, unfortunately, the truth.

As someone who was born and worked all their life in Scotland I can confirm that there is a great meanness of spirit amongst a very high percentage of Scots. They live in the 14th century and seek to avenge all the alleged wrongs and slights that have been inflicted (by their 
understanding of history) on the Scots by the English.

This awful truth became clear to me as an active Better Together campaigner. I could not believe the bitterness that I was hearing from people I regarded as my countrymen and for whom I would have fought.

Thank God 50 per cent of the Scottish people do not fall into this category and I can only offer apologies to Dr Norman for the other 50 per cent.

Jack Paterson



When I initially read Dr Andrew Norman’s letter I thought that he must have his tongue firmly in his cheek. However, on reading it again, I realised that he was being serious. Does he actually believe that no Scottish taxes or revenues go towards the EU or the Barnett Formula, and that these bills are picked up in their entirety by English taxpayers? I know that, on a country-by-country basis, the Barnett Formula does give more, per capita, to Scots, but take it to a regional basis and there are English regions that get more than the Scots, so it isn’t entirely as clear cut as he suggests.

As a Scotsman who has lived for most of his adult life in England, I am not a natural SNP supporter, but it is exactly this sort of uninformed tosh that would drive me towards them.

Hugh Lamont

Seaton Sluice