Hopeless wind

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The more I read about the cost of our electricity in the future the more I despair (your report, 8 April).

I find it difficult to believe that if there is a vote for independence the energy bill payers in the rest of the UK will happily continue to help fund Scottish renewables and buy expensive wind power from north of the Border.

Fergus Ewing, Scottish minister for energy, enterprise and tourism, says: “Scotland’s huge natural resources mean we can supply electricity – reliably and affordably.” If he’s talking about wind no amount of bluff and bluster is going to make any of that come true.

It is time our politicians took some independent advice (ie not from trade association Scottish Renewables) and looked into the true cost of the SNP’s wind policy – not only in terms of money spent but the misery caused to many of their citizens who are forced to live adjacent to industrial turbines and the cost to our environment and wildlife.

I have met many people who used to support wind – people who care passionately about the environment, but now don’t after researching the subject. I have yet to meet a person who didn’t once support wind, researched it and now does. What does that tell us?

Lyndsey Ward