Hope for Mid-East

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Now that Iran has agreed an interim nuclear deal with the West and Syria has pledged to get rid of its chemical weapons, an opportunity has arisen to achieve a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction (“Iran nuclear talks at turning-point”, your report, 24 November).

Iran would be the first to agree, given their bitter memories of having been at the receiving end of Saddam’s chemical weapons. Saudi Arabia should not be far behind, having consistently advocated a nuclear-free Middle East.

This will require the West, in particular the United States, to pressure Israel into ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention and giving up its nuclear weapons. It’s in our interest to do so.

It’s also in our interest to distance ourselves from Saudi Arabia’s playing of the destructive sectarian card against “apostate” Shiites, notwithstanding the spectacle of “secular” France 
cosying up to the Saudis.

Yugo Kovach 

Winterborne Houghton Dorset