Honeymoon over

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Now that Jim Murphy MP has declared his candidacy for leadership of the Labour Party in Scotland it will be interesting to see how long his “honeymoon” with the mainstream media 

While some might consider him “heroic” to stand on a crate surrounded by his own supporters and repeating the words written by Labour spin-doctors, his reaction to some mild heckling might have caused others less deferential to view him 

Continuing to wear his egg-spattered shirt as if he had “taken a bullet” for his cause seemed to be a deliberate ploy to take the spin to another level in order to portray this “professional politician” as a genuine hero of the people.

Of course, it should be no surprise, with John McTernan in the background, that Mr Murphy’s words and actions were carefully orchestrated for the public 

However, like the Australian public who eventually could not be conned to the extent that prime minister Julia Gillard would be spending her evenings happily engaged in knitting at home (Mr McTernan’s dubious efforts in support of his boss were generally considered to have “contributed” to her resignation), the Scottish public will gradually see through this Blairite and his conspiring accomplices.

With or without the help of the media, I suspect that the Scottish public, if not what remains of the Labour Party in Scotland, will also not allow the “Murphy cabal” to spin its way out of suffering the due political consequences for falsely promoting the UK’s embarkation on an illegal war in Iraq.

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian