Honesty required

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I agree entirely with Donald Lewis (13 May). I am sure many voters are tempted by the idealistic vision of an independent Scotland presented by the advocates of a Yes vote in the referendum.

However, a major stumbling block to their voting so is surely the refusal of YeSNP to place 
before the people an honest 
account of how that vision might be made a reality.

Surely it is inevitable that there would be many hurdles to be overcome.

The constant assertion that it will all be perfectly straightforward, with all challenges being easily surmounted entirely to Scotland’s advantage within Salmond’s hugely optimistic timescale, casts doubt on the factuality of everything we are being told.

A candid account of what would lie beyond a Yes vote including the hazards as well as the opportunities would be so much more convincing.

I wonder if within the Yes campaign there are those who are seriously worried that until the voters are treated with more respect by the SNP leadership all the lottery winnings in Scotland would not close the opinion poll gap much further.

This is as it should be. The 
understanding and respect I have for the people of Scotland does not allow me to envisage the possibility of a Yes vote leading to an independent Scotland built on a foundation of evasions and prevarications.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive